Vietnamese-German Cooperation in TVET: Highly demanded TVET Materials are provided

In the frame of the Vietnamese – German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”, many TVET teaching – learning materials and reference documents have been provided to the programme partners, including TVET institutions, TVET management agencies and Vietnamese TVET experts. These materials have been developed in the cooperation of GDVT/MoLISA and GIZ in response to the large need of professional and up-to-date materials and references for training and policy advisory purposes.

The materials were compiled based on the vocational training demands in Viet Nam and are oriented toward international/German standards. They are of two types, first, teaching – learning materials, containing training modules with respective pedagogical didactics for the occupations promoted by the Programme such as Electro-technics, Electronics, Mechatronics; second, reference materials on monitoring and management in TVET. While the “Handbook for Tracer Studies” is about the different steps and tools of conducting tracer studies successfully, the brochure “with the Business sector, for the Business sector” provides fundamental knowledge and real stories of cooperation with business sector in vocational training. In particular, “the Occupational folder” attempts to provide precise but overall description on job profiles of the programme promoted occupations. This can be a very useful and helpful material for students of high schools and secondary schools as they and their parents and teachers start planning for their future career. Besides, policy advisors and managers in TVET would find the reports “Financing of TVET” and “Business Sector Involvement”, which analyses the respective situations in Viet Nam with recommendations, practical and helpful references.

In the first distribution, hundreds of copies of these materials have been delivered to 18 TVET institutes, partners of the Promotion of TVET (2006 – 2011), the Programme Vocational Training 2008 (2010 – 2014), Lilama2 Technical and Technology College and Hai Phong Polytechnics Vocational College. It is expected that these materials will be tried out effectively in training institutes, with support of the Programme, before they are shared or replicated on a broader scale, nationally.

To document the fruitful results and achievements of the “Regional TVET Conference in Viet Nam” recently organized in Hanoi, the Conference Documentation has been produced. It reflects in full sense the discussion results and agreements reached around the Conference overarching objective “TVET Quality Breakthrough” and its 4 inter-related themes (Occupational Standards, TVET Teachers Development, Cooperation with Business Community and Financing for TVET). Remarkably, it summarises valuable and practical experiences shared by TVET experts from the ASEAN, Germany and other countries, and significant remarks of high ranking Government leaders, the German Ambassador to Viet Nam and the German Coordinator of the Priority Area of TVET in Viet Nam. The Document was delivered to 185 TVET institutes and related government agencies and organizations at the workshop on vocational enrollment recently organized by MoLISA, GDVT in December 2012.

On the first instance, these materials have been given a lot of positive comments from TVET management agencies, TVET experts and in particular, from TVET training institutes for their relevant contents, professional compilation and design.


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