Trends and Strategic Issues in VET – looking forward to Viet Nam VET Strategy 2020-2030

Eight years into the implementation of Viet Nam VET strategy 2011-2020, important achievements were made in the direction of a more accessible & demand-oriented VET system. Looking forward to the next VET strategy for 2020-2030, emerging technological and socio-economic developments require a well-defined vision and appropriate courses of action if VET is to play a more prominent role in skills development for the country’s labor workforce.

At the May 30th workshop on ‘Trends and Strategic issues in VET” organized by the National Institute of Vocational Education and Training (NIVT) with support from the GIZ’s Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam, inputs from participants highlighted the need for a VET system where industries and business sector associations are integral stakeholders. Specific mechanisms including the development of industry boards & skills councils, the implementation of cooperative training and formal recognition of in-company trainers are key factors in ensuring strong linkages with the business sector.

From the learners’ perspectives, permeability in VET was raised as a critical solution to respond to the need for greater mobility and cost-effectiveness. Participants from VET institutes also described the vision for a VET system that is more inclusive – one that caters for the needs of people with disabilities and considers gender diversity.

Furthermore, suggestions were made to incorporate greening VET in the 2020-2030 strategy, as gaps in current guiding documents were identified by the participants with regard  to the role of VET in ensuring a healthy environment for future generations.

Especially in the context of sustained state spending on VET while autonomy is being piloted participants finally pointed to the requirement of a strong M&E system for VET to be more accountable to learners and the community and as a prerequisite for future evidence-based policy developments.


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