“This is a realistic practical training course which helps us to improve our workshops.”

In the second half of September, a training workshop on “Safety of Electrical Installation and Equipment” took place at the Nha Trang College of Technology. The training course aimed to enhance awareness for workshop management and to introduce a best practice example for a practical training workshop on industrial standards. Twenty teachers and students of the Automotive and Electrics Department joined the workshop that was conducted by GIZ. The training course focussed on:

  • strengthening the practical skills on workshop management;
  • adjusting the automotive workshops, electronic laboratory, storage- and classrooms;
  • improving the safety of electrical installations and equipment;
  • providing a hands-on experience for the participants.

“The practical training meets the specific needs of the Nha Trang College of Technology. The teachers and students worked actively together to repair, maintain and transform their own practical training workshop, electronic laboratory, equipment, as well as storage and classrooms,” explains Mr. Peter Pirschle, GIZ Development Advisor for Automotive Technology.

The project-based training method was adopted in the workshop focussing on expert knowledge to address the required repairs highlighted in the initial assessment report. The training proved to be highly successful as it met most of the points stated in the report.

“This is a realistic practical training course which helps us to realise how much we can do to improve our workshops. We will surely follow-up this GIZ supported activity in the future,” stated Mr. Trần Văn Hải, Rector of Nha Trang College of Technology.

Also Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Mỹ Na, teacher at the Electrics Department, gave a positive feedback on the workshop: “I like the way how the experts guided the participants identifying problems and finding the right solutions”. Talking about the training, Mr. Claus Bader, Development Advisor for Industrial Electronics, noted: “My task during the training was the movement of the entire computer laboratory including the reconnection in another building. I highly appreciate the efforts of the colleagues at the Electrics Department as well as of the assisting students from the Automotive Department. The college management was also quick in supplying missing tools and spare parts.”


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