Successful conclusion of industrial electrics and electronics training courses for trainers

Hung Yen UTE, 16.10.2013

Based on the capacity building concept of the “Programme Vocational Training 2008”, GIZ in cooperation with GDVT successfully organized two further training courses on “Electric and Electronic Drive Systems” and on “Preventive Maintenance Measures in Electronic Systems, Assembling and Disassembling of Electronic Devices”. The courses took place at the Hung Yen University of Technology and Education from 24 September to 11 October 2013 and were designed to provide practical competencies in electro-technics and electronics as well as related methodical and didactical knowledge and skills to teachers/instructors. In these training courses 11 electrics and electronics teachers/instructors, who have completed the previous related training courses, were invited from TVET partner institutes of NinhThuan, Long An, An Giang and LILAMA2.

In the frame of PVT 2008, these are last two training courses in a series of 10 training courses of the capacity building program for Electro-technics and Electronics teachers/ instructors. After completion of this multi-level training program the teachers/instructors are expected to conduct practice-oriented training for their trainees and to utilize the electro-technics/electronics and mechatronics equipment being delivered with the help of German financial cooperation effectively. The teachers/instructors are asked to undertake further multiplication measures for their fellow trainers at their institutes. The provided teaching, training and learning materials (available in English/German and Vietnamese) will be of great benefit to them.

All 11 participating teachers/instructors and 2 multipliers are looking forward to make practical use of all what they have learnt and train others to follow into their footsteps of achieving a higher excellence in technical vocational education and training.

Practical orientated training in “Electric and electronic drive systems”

Participating in the “Electric and Electronic Drive Systems” course, vocational teachers/instructors improved the required knowledge and skills through many practical exercises such as:
– exploration, calculation and selection of DC and AC motors according to specific loads;
– measurement and testing typical data of different motors under idle mode and different loads;
– control of speed and torque of single phase and 3-phase AC and DC motors by use of frequency converters.

Link to the article about “Industry – cooperation in preventive maintenance of electronic systems” >>>

Beside the practical skills and the technical contents, teachers/instructors were also guided on how to develop and utilize proper work documentation. They gained didactic-methodological competences and practical insight on how to implement industrial electro-technics and electronics occupations in related training modules at their home institutes. This will contribute significantly towards a higher training quality and anticipated international standard compliance. The training courses also provided the possibility to exchange experiences and ideas on the related course topics.

The courses were a full success. All teachers/instructors expressed their gratitude towards the organizers and pointed out how many valuable competences they have gained in such a short time span. Especially they appreciated the instructions of the experienced trainers/experts and the supports of GIZ.


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