LILAMA 2 has reached a major goal to implement cooperative training!

One mayor objective of the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam” is that LILAMA 2 Technical & Technology College provides demand-oriented initial and further technical and vocational education and training based on international standards.

Therefore, LILAMA 2 made a significant step and finalized the international recognized vocational training programmes for four industrial occupations in close cooperation with leading companies and professional associations in Vietnam.

The new developed cooperative training programmes for Mechatronics Technician and Metal Cutting-CNC Technician have been presented, discussed and agreed with experts and stakeholders of the private and public sector during a consultation workshop at LILAMA 2 on 09 December 2016.

As well as the recently finalized training programmes for Industrial Electronics Technician and Construction Mechanics Technician, all four training programmes meet the current and future demand for high qualified employees competent for the growing manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

All four training programmes have been developed based on the respective new internationally recognized occupational standards for Viet Nam. . German training standards served as international benchmark.

Strong involvement of national and international experts of leading companies in Vietnam and responsible professional associations into the development and implementation process, which is being flanked by German experts, is one of the success factors.

For implementing, well defined practical parts of the 3-years cooperative training programme should mainly take place in the companies’ workshops with structured training phases on-the-job. LILAMA 2 will be in a double-function, designated to teach necessary occupation-related theoretical knowledge to the trainees but also to train occupation-related practical skills on latest technologies in its state-of-the-art training workshops.

Teachers and trainers of LILAMA 2 are being constantly further trained on the job by technical and didactical experts in the college, in enterprises but also in training centers in Germany. This hands-on transfer of know how ensures the provision of most efficient practice-oriented training at LILAMA 2 with and in the partner companies

After all, this is one more big step forward for offering high school graduates an opportunity to enhance their employability by demand driven vocational training with a good prospection of getting interesting and well-paid employments with social appreciation. Take your chance, be trained in Viet Nam!


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