“Introductory Training and Competence Assessment” for TVET teachers in Metal Cutting

From 6th – 11th June 2011, GIZ in cooperation with GDVT organized the course on “Introductory Training and Competence Assessment” in Metal Cutting. The course was organized under the framework of the Programme Vocational Training 2008 (PVT 2008) a component of the “Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam”. The VietDucIndustrialCollege in Song Cong town, Thai Nguyen province was selected as the host institute for the course. Twenty-two teachers of 7 partner TVET institutes (Viet Bac – VINACOMINIndustrialVocationalCollege, Bac Ninh Vocational Economic and TechnicalCollege, NinhThuanVocationalSecondary School, Long An Vocational College, An Giang Vocational College, HaiPhongPolytechnicsCollege, LILAMA 2 College) attended the course. The course was conducted by the experienced international training expert, Mr. Klaus Schilling, who was supported by 4 competent multipliers from Viet – DucIndustrialCollege, HungYenTechnicalEducationUniversity, NhaTrangVocationalCollege, Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology.

The course provided participants with an introduction to basic metal technology, work organization, European standards, requirements on occupational health and safety (OHS), and introduced the MTS programming software for CNC machines. Beside the provided knowledge, the trainers also implemented practical work projects as individuals and in groups on universal lathe and milling machines. Through the assigned practical work projects, the trainers had the chance to review their current knowledge and skills against the relevant performance standards of Germany required by technical workers. The assessment was based on a proven competence profile in line with international best practices and quality management criteria.

Beside the main purpose of identifying existing competences of TVET teachers, the course also aimed at sustaining and further promoting results achieved in one of the previous GIZ-supported projects. The selected training venue and trainer assistants were all from the partner TVET institutes of the concluded cooperation Project “Promotion of TVET,” that was implemented by GIZ in period 2006-2010. With the refreshed knowledge and experiences obtained in this course and through the ongoing participation in future courses, the multipliers will gradually be qualified as ‘master trainers’ and ‘assistant assessors’.

The course on “Introductory Training and Competence Assessment” finished successfully. The assessment results of teachers’ competence will be used as a reference basis to develop necessary further teacher training programs in Metal Cutting. These programs will be implemented during the period of PVT 2008. Valuable lessons learnt from the course will help the “Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam” to improve and customize the course design respectively in the future.


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