Workshop on TVET Strategy Develoment: Input for the Process in Viet Nam

Within the framework of the TVET System Advisory Project, GDVT and GTZ organised a 2-day workshop during 28-29 September 2009 to share knowledge and experiences on development of TVET Strategy. The workshop objective was to provide further inputs in terms of both theory and practical experiences from countries in the region and around the world for the development of <_st13a_place w:st="on"><_st13a_country-region w:st="on">Viet Nam’s Vocational Training Strategy period 2001-2020.


Photo: A guided panel discussion

The workshop was jointly guided and facilitated by leaders and representatives of GDVT and GTZ with close contributions of international consultants. The workshop also received attendance of representatives from Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Viet Nam Vocational Training Association (VVTA), <_st13a_place w:st="on"><_st13a_placetype w:st="on">Institute of <_st13a_placename w:st="on">Labour Sciences and Society (ILSSA) and other Vietnamese experts who have rich experience in the field of Education and Training.

At the workshop, participants were presented with principles of development process of TVET Strategy, issues and experiences from selected successful countries such as <_st13a_country-region w:st="on">Germany, <_st13a_country-region w:st="on">Ethiopia, the <_st13a_country-region w:st="on">Philippines and Laos PDR and shared with the latest draft of the <_st13a_place w:st="on"><_st13a_country-region w:st="on">Viet Nam vocational training strategy development period 2011-2020.  These presentations highlighted important and core issues of TVET system were presented and analysed, including TVET system governance with participation of multi-stakeholders, role of enterprises, financing TVET. To facilitate effective discussion on these issues, the discussions were organised in the form of “guided panel discussion” through which, experiences were not only presented but also analysed and discussed so as to pick out those that would be relevant and feasible to the context of Viet Nam, such as the establishment of national-level council for TVET, policies that would better engage enterprises’ participation (not only in the delivery but also in the steering and management of TVET system).

In his closing remarks, Associate Professor Dương Đức Lân, First Deputy Director General of GDVT said the workshop was a very useful event that provided great source of knowledge and experiences about TVET strategy development. In particular, participants, understood far better the full roles that enterprises should make to TVET system, that is not only in delivery but further more, in the steering and management of TVET system in order to achieve an effective and demand-oriented TVET system.  The knowledge and experiences gained from the workshop would be very useful references for GDVT and Vietnamese concerned decision makers in the finalisation of the Viet Nam Vocational Training Development Strategy period 2011-2020.


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