Workshop on Development and Adaptation of Training module: MARKETING

Within the 2008 Operational Plan for Garment, a 4-day workshop was organized for teachers and specialists from NguyenTatThanhCollege and Hung Yen UTE on development and adaptation of labour market relevant training module in the vocational field textile and garment: Marketing. This was the first workshop of a series in 2008 with the aim to support project partner schools to develop labour market-oriented training programmes.

Participants of workshop were not only garment specialists (ten) and staff in charged of school’s training but also one representative from GDVT (Skill Standards department). The workshop also received welcome remark by a representative leader of Hung Yen UTE, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thin, Head of Training department. Mr. Thin noted that technical assistance like this was valuable in helping school teachers produce more relevant and useful training lessons. Schools ought to do their best to make full use of this support.

With support and guidance of international consultants from the International Garment Training Center (IGTC, Indonesia), workshop participants discussed and agreed on the content of training module “Marketing” and studied sample of student-teacher guidelines [1]. This exercise not only demonstrated the methodology of “designing” a training module as the workshop expected, but also brought in a fresh view on the training contents to be covered that can respond to the real market demands.

The consultants also assisted the workshop participants to develop content structure for two more modules: Pattern Making and Pattern Software. One of the follow-up steps of this workshop is the development of the full content for these two modules by school teachers and specialists. Their working results will be reviewed at a workshop with consultants in the third quarter of 2008./.

[1] A document to be used in the class by both teacher and students which includes handouts of teacher’s presentation and space for students to take note during the class.


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