Working Session 2014 of PVT2008

In the framework of the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”, a working session of the PVT 2008 took place from the 16th to 17th of April 2014 in Ha Noi with the participation of GDVT’s management, representatives of PMU/GDVT, NIVT, VVTA, directors/vice directors of 8 partner TVET institutes and programme director as well as CIM-IE and development advisors.

This working session aims to reflect achievements of PVT 2008 to date and discuss the follow-up activities at 5 PVT 2008 TVET institutes until end of the project (September 2014) based on lessons learnt from implementation process, especially multiplication in order to ensure the sustainability of the programme.

In the speech of Assoc., Prof. Dr. Cao Van Sam, Deputy Director-General of GDVT, he highly appreciated the appropriate approach and the sciential, logical implementation of the PVT 2008 that bring remarkable results such as improved qualification of management and teachers/trainers at TVET institutes, 3 layers workshop and training model was developed, many practice oriented training modules were implemented. He shared that in order to not only stand in national market, but also in regional market, TVET in Viet Nam needed to be flexible and creative. GDVT encouraged the beneficial TVET institutes to apply the project results in daily work; on the other hand, functional Departments of GDVT have to make us of the project’s results to multiply them in the whole system. The market oriented developed training modules will be taken for approval so that TVET institutes can officially apply them countrywide. The trained teacher shall function as multipliers to develop further the pratical skills of vocational teachers in Viet Nam. The piloted quality assurance instruments (workshop management, tracer study and enterprise survey) should be widely applied in the system from now on. GDVT also need to consider the practice oriented approach (3 layer training and workshop concept) to readjust frame curricular and workshop layouts in order to have high effectiveness of investment.

All supported TVET institutes presented their achievements and the lessons learnt in the previous phase. In the second part of the workshop, the participants were divided to 3 working groups. They discussed 3 topics: (1) institutional training measures for multiplication and application of achieved professional competences, (2) establishment and maintenance of an institutional workshop management instruments and systems, (3) enhancement and strengthening of ways and means for the cooperation with enterprises. The results of the group discussion were inputs for planning sustainable implementation of activities. In the last part of the workshop, representatives of 5 PVT 2008 TVET institutes presented their follow-up activities got the comments from the workshop participants as inputs for the finalization of their plans.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Thang, vice director of PMU/GDVT and Ms. Beate Dippmar, senior technical advisor GIZ gave together closing remark for the workshop. This demonstrated the close cooperation between the management levels of PMU and GIZ in the effective steering the component. They showed their commitment for the further support to beneficial TVET institutes in order to ensure the impact of the component. Besides, the supported TVET institutes and GDVT should be active in application and multiplication the achieved results.


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