What makes you Excellent?

The Technical and Technology College LILAMA 2 determines to become International standardized Centre of Excellence by the end of 2018!” The Rector of the college, Dr. Le Van Hien, summarized the main goal of the workshop “School Development Plan – SWOT Analysis” at Long Thanh, Dong Nai (22-26 February).

With the purposes of building and developing LILAMA 2 to become a Centre of Excellence in Vietnam by the end of 2018, the school development in the next three years is extremely important. Therefore, this workshop was a highly relevant step to introduce the requirements and methodology for a comprehensive organizational development.

The participants had a chance to study specifically about CoE-criteria in Decision number No.761/QĐ_TTg of the Prime Minister and CoE-criteria issued by the General Directorate of Vocational Training. These are two important sources for LILAMA 2 to shape and elaborate their Development Plan.

The German Core Task Quality model from Lower Saxony was introduced as a referential example, so that the quality management could become closer to German as well as other international best practices. According to this reference model, the group defined core processes to implement the CoE-criteria.

Based on a SWOT-training, the school management – Vice Rectors and Head of Departments – had assessed deeply and thoroughly the selected processes under consideration of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

With support from experts and officers of the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam, LILAMA 2 was able to preliminarily develop core processes, plan activities to overcome weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities. From these foundations, the college will improve and compose a complete School Development Plan to submit to the responsible Vietnamese bodies by May of 2016.

Dr. Le Van Hien shared his vision at the end of the workshop:

“Seminar and training were really effective and helpful to all of staffs and school management. With support and advise of experts from Germany, determination of school management and awareness of each lecturer, we believe LILAMA 2 can fulfill its pioneer mission and become a Centre of Excellence of Vietnam to provide high quality market-oriented training offers.”


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