VTV1: Vietnamese-German Cooperation in TVET contributing to sustainable Poverty Reduction in Vietnam

VTV1’s Spotlights in Poverty Reduction (Broadcasted on 17/12/2010)

How can TVET contribute to fighting poverty in Viet Nam? To find an answer, the Vietnamese State Television Channel VTV1 visited the Viet-Duc Vocational College in Ha Tinh province. This institute is being supported by Vietnamese-German Development Cooperation in TVET. The Viet-Duc College is a role model in providing trainees with employment-relevant competencies to gain access to a stable income, preventing unemployment and poverty. The VTV1 program concludes with an interview of Dr. <_st13a_personname>Horst Sommer, Director of the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”, who identifies the critical success factors for a well-functioning TVET system with the example of German TVET, which enjoys high international reputation.

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