Vocational training in Wastewater sector: The first trial assessment for teachers and in-company-trainers

From 28 March to 01 April 2016 at the Thu Dau Mot Wastewater Treatment Plant, Binh Duong province, the General Department of Vocational Training (GDVT), Vietnam Water Supply and Sewage Association (VWSA) in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh Vocational College for Technology (HVCT) and five partner enterprises organised the first trial final test for teachers of HVCT and in-company-trainers. The test oriented on the German standards for a vocational education and training final assessment for Sewage Engineering Technicians with assessors coming from Germany – an experienced vocational school teacher of Pirna Vocational Training Centre for Technique and Economy and a technical expert from a German sewage company, the Dresden Sewage (SEDD).

The trial test consisted of two parts: the 180-minute theoretical part included multiple choice and practical project tasks. In the four-hour long practical part focusing on professional skills, 23 teachers and in-company-trainers were divided into small groups of two to three persons in order to ensure that all participants had opportunity to do practice exercises, through which the professional knowledge and skills of each individual were assessed comprehensively and accurately. “Through this trial test I had the opportunity to experience an international standardised examination proceeding and learned also how to make a good test. The theory part and the practical part are highly consistent with each other in term of content and practically relevant. We will firstly try to apply the same examination proceeding to midterm tests at our college”, Dr Nguyen Thi Hang, rector of HVCT shared.

Besides creating a practical assessment environment with technical equipment used in the daily company reality, conducting the trial test at a wastewater company also affirms the essential role of the enterprises and their active participation in the cooperative training model. Once teachers and in-company-trainers are facilitated to participate in advanced training courses and qualifying assessments, the businesses will receive back a strong team of in-house trainers, who are qualified and capable to build up a technical workforce based on specific technical requirements of each company.

Representatives of GDVT, VWSA, HVCT, board members of partner companies as well as representatives of the Programme Reform of TVET Viet Nam came to observe the practical part of the exam. “The approach of this assessment procedure is very different from normal vocational trainings in Viet Nam that I’ve known. By developing the conceptual fundamentals such as occupational standard, training programme as well as implementing a pilot class, applying and testing organisational methods and conducting trial assessment oriented on German standards at the micro level, the project provides us a chance to observe, draw curricula and collect experiences. They are the premises for the systematic improvement proposals at the macro level, which are in line with the actual conditions of Viet Nam”, said Mr Nguyen Viet Vinh, representive of GDVT after the observation.

After the trial assessment in Binh Duong province, the 9th Further Training will be organised for all teachers and trainers from April 04 to 07 in Ho Chi Minh City.


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