Vocational Trainers of Lilama2-CoE for TVET in CNC-Technology Further Training organized by GIZ

Six talented vocational trainers of Lilama2-Center of Excellence for TVET have been sent to Germany for attending a six weeks lasting further training programme in advanced CNC-Technology from end of June to beginning of August 2015. The participants were selected based on their training results of previously in Vietnam conducted CNC-courses for Lilama2 trainers. During those courses, which were organized by GIZ, fundamental knowledge and skills in CNC-Technology have been continuously built up to prepare the participants for the final further training in Germany. The objective of the further training programme in Germany is to increase their present competence in CNC-Technology. That means in particular the professional programming, machine operation and maintenance on German industry standard of:

– EDM Wire Cutter
– EDM Sinker
– 3+2 Machining Center
– 5-Axis Machining Center

Besides professional knowledge and skills, the participants gain also insights into the production process of worldwide known and leading manufacturers in the mechanical engineering sector as well as getting the chance to look deeper into their in-company training conduction and cooperative training organization with vocational schools.


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