VCMI teachers and potential in-company trainers are prepared for the development of the new occupation “Electronics for Energy and Building Technology” in Viet Nam

From 6 August to 8 September 2018, twelve participants including Electrics-Electronics teachers from Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI), Ninh Thuan Vocational College and potential in-company trainers attended a five-week training course for the occupation “Electronics technician for Energy and Building Technology” at the Hessen State Institute for Advanced Technical Training (HLFT), Germany. “With intensive practical training at HLFT and fact-finding visits to enterprises, this further training course helps us improve not only practical skills and knowledge related to the new occupation, but also how to transfer the acquired skills and knowledge to our trainees in the most effective way”, said Mr Duong Canh Toan, Head of Electrics-Electronics Department from VCMI.

During the training course, the participants received training in technical practical skills and didactics skills for the occupation “Electronics for Energy and Building Technology”. The teachers also  analyze the German Training Ordinance and Framework Curriculum for the occupation and  its relevance to the Vietnamese context.In addition, the participants had a chance to visit companies including Continental in Frankfurt, Mercedes-Benz in Rastatt and Lucas-Nülle in Kerpen, where they learn how the practical training for the occupation is organized in companies and how digital training medias are integrated into the implementation of training offers.

The training course was one of the activities under the Bund Länder Programm “Capacity Development for Energy and Resource Efficiency: Hessen – Vietnam”, which is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Bund Länder Programm complements the activities of the Vietnamese-German Programme “Reform of TVET in Vietnam” implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of BMZ, by providing further training for teachers and managers of the Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI), other TVET institutes and relevant personnel from ministries, enterprises and sector associations which cooperate with the college to develop and implement training for two new occupations namely “Electronics for Energy and Building Technology” and “Plant Mechanics for Sanitary, Heating and Climate Technology”.




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