Using translated German textbooks for metal technology, electronics and mechatronics – One step towards more action-oriented teaching and learning

Teaching and learning materials are an indispensable part of high quality vocational training. Experts of “Vietnamesisches Studienwerk in der BRD e.V.”, an association of Vietnamese living in Germany, supported by the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”, made a valuable contribution to improving the quality of the TVET system in Viet Nam by translating German textbooks “Metal Technology”, “Electrical Engineering” and “Mechatronics” of the German publishing house “Europa-Lehrmittel” into Vietnamese. These books are nationally recognized textbooks in the German TVET system. After the already existing Vietnamese translation of the textbooks on metal technology, electronics and automotive technology that have been published by Tre Publishing House in cooperation with Saigon Times Foundation; the textbook on mechatronics is the latest addition to this impressive collection. The translated book was handed over to LILAMA 2 International Technology College on 25 September 2017.

“Jointly with the business sector, occupational standards and training programmes for Mechatronics, Industrial Electronics, Metal Cutting/CNC and Construction Mechanics have been developed based on the German standards with the support of the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”. The translated books are highly relevant for the implementation of these training programmes at LILAMA 2”, Dr Le Van Hien, President of LILAMA 2, emphasised. The book “Mechatronics” was translated by a team of 23 Vietnamese teachers and engineers who worked in German enterprises for many years. Their technical experience led to the invaluable quality of the Vietnamese translation and makes this book the reference document for initial and further training in TVET as well as in higher education. Ms Lisa-Marie Kreibich, Technical Advisor of the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam” is looking forward to continuing the cooperation with the association: “The experts are currently working on the translation of the textbook “Environmental Technology”, which will be very important for the integration of the topics environmental protection as well as energy and resource efficiency in all training offers.”

Following the workshop, a two-day further training course for teaching staff of various TVET institutes on how to use the textbooks took place at LILAMA 2 International Technology College. Mr Wolfgang Beck, coordinator and teacher for electronics at the Otto von Guericke Vocational School in Magdeburg, presented different methods of using the textbooks and additional materials, such as hand books, work sheets, technical magazines and online resources, to make teaching and learning relevant, effective and connected to the latest technological developments. He explained how action-oriented lessons are usually prepared and conducted at a German vocational school and how relevant teaching and learning materials can be integrated into the lessons. In groups, the participants of the training course developed examples of action-oriented lessons for electronics and metal technology using the translated textbooks. This enables the teachers to make use of the textbooks in the future and to successfully integrate them into their lessons.

“Using translated German textbooks for metal technology, electronics and mechatronics” is now on the Saigon Times


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