Two more occupational standards = Two more steps towards cooperative training!

Đồng Nai, 09/09/2016

It was a rocky road, but it´s done now: the newly developed standards for “Metal Cutting-CNC Technician” and “Mechatronics Technician” were discussed and agreed during a consultation workshop on Friday 09 September 2016 at LILAMA 2 Technical & Technology College (LILAMA 2). Together with the occupational standards for technicians of construction mechanics and industrial electronics, finalized in June this year, this is a significant step forward to provide demand driven workforce solutions.

The occupational standards have been developed based on the demand of the business sector. German standards served as international benchmark and were adjusted according to the needs of the Vietnamese labour market. The strong involvement of Vietnamese professional associations and more than 20 professionals of leading companies, flanked by German representatives of the Chamber of Trades in Erfurt, was one of the success factors!

But this is just the beginning! Based on the brand new occupational standards, a first draft of an overview three-year cooperative training programme was presented and has now to be elaborated in detail:

The practical parts should mainly take place in the companies’ workshops with on-the-job training. LILAMA 2 will have a double-function: to teach necessary theoretical content to the trainees and train occupation-related practical skills on latest technologies in its training workshops.

Altogether, this is a big step forward for offering high school graduates a high quality technical vocational training.

What´s in for you? As most important message of the workshop and previous enterprise surveys: trainees of a cooperative training programme are supposed to have a considerable much higher chance for a successive and sustainable employment with well paid jobs after graduation. This has been clearly expressed by the majority of companies involved.  Take you chance, be trained in Viet Nam!



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