Training on Design and Installation of basic hydraulic systems

From 15 – 20 June 2009, a training course on “Design and installation of basic hydraulic systems” was organized at hydraulic training Lab, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education. The course was following the last training courses on “Installation and testing of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls” and “Programming of mechatronic systems with PLC”. 

This training course aimed at providing a common basis of knowledge and skills on Design and installation of basic hydraulic systems” .Based on this course further theoretical and practical training on “Industrial assembling and commissioning of hydraulic systems” will be organized. Participants of this training course were 10 teachers/instructors from project partner institutes with instruction of international and local experts.  

Beside the technical content, participants were guided on suitable modes of implementing mechatronic curriculum modules including preparation of the content and teaching and learning aids, methods of organization and evaluation, development of teaching and learning materials.

The training course included a one-day visit to Viet Nam Stanley Electric Company in Ha Noi and Viet Ha Joint – Stock Company in Hung Yen. It is expected that with these activities the teachers/instructors shall have a deeper understanding about mechatronic equipments/machines, in particularly hydraulic systems used in industry.

Next steps
In order to build capacity for key teachers of schools [1], participants of this training course will be invited to participate in the next training course on “Industrial assembling and commissioning of hydraulic systems” (planned in October 2009).

[1] Who will be able to train other teachers/instructors in mechatronics and being multipliers.


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