Training on basics in CNC technology

From 19th May to 6th June 2008 at UTE Hung Yen a training on basics in CNC technology was conducted by TVET project in close cooperation with the European Association for Vocational and Social Education (EBG) within the frame of a public private partnership. Prior to this training participants were assessed on skills and knowledge in metal cutting at the end of a training conducted by TVET project and EBG from 31st March to 4th April 2008.

The 16 selected and trained teachers and instructors from 7 project partner institutes was introduced to CNC basic knowledge by an international expert (EBG) during the 3 weeks further training course. Given the uneven level of theoretical and practical competencies of teachers and instructors, the training course aimed at providing a common basis of CNC knowledge and skills based on which further theoretical and practical training on CNC milling and turning machines will be organized. During theoretical units and practical training on CNC machines participants competencies in using CNC technologies improved.

In addition the EBG expert with his long-term international experiences in CNC training demonstrated a modern teaching method and explained didactical issues on metal cutting. Through this gained experiences teachers and instructors are able to improve their teaching at TVET partner institutes.

Within the following training courses the 16 teachers and instructors will deepen their knowledge and skills in CNC to be able to provide further trainings in CNC for students and workers.


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