Towards closer cooperation with industry: Fashion Show Evening in Hung Yen UTE

Demand-oriented vocational training in the field of Textile and Garment is one of the fields that have been supported by the “Promotion of TVET, Viet Nam” project. Since the implementation of cooperation activities, Garment Technology and Fashion Design department of HYUTE, an active implementation partner, has been supported in application of module-based training approach, establishing cooperation with industry in training delivery and job placement, etc.

As a result of the above, HYUTE and particularly, the Garment Department has made considerable efforts in engaging enterprises in the region in their training through various activities including awareness raising. The Fashion Show Evening, organised on November 17th, 2009 was a such initiative. It aimed to raise awareness of and passion for the Garment field, at the same time, it aimed to send a message of pro-activeness and creativeness ability of training and management staff as well as trainees of the institution.

Attending the Evening were representatives from 15 state and private enterprises in the region and some TVET institutions including NguyenTatThanhCollege from Ho Chi Minh city. In the evening, 7 best collections of teachers and trainees of Garment Department were presented during the show. The collections deeply impressed participants for high creativity and design technics of students and teachers. An enterprise general director shared that his company has been cooperating for long time with HYUTE but he was also impressed with the collections and he now has higher confidence and respect to graduates of Garment Department of HYUTE.

The above comment from enterprise has said a lot about the positive changes in the perception about Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) where enterprises play a critical role. The Viet Nam – Germany Cooperation Programme will continue the efforts for closer cooperation between TVET institutions and enterprises.


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