Three training courses on e-pedagogies for Vietnamese TVET teachers

Digital transformation (DX) is one of the core solutions to improve TVET partner’s adaptability to the changing world of work, especially during the COVID 19 outbreak.

Facing both challenges and opportunities, the TVET Programme aims to raise awareness about digital transformation and develop the digital literacy of TVET staff and teachers. In addition to organizing the webinar series digital tools and platforms, the TVET Programme continues to implement the three intensive training courses on e-pedagogies focusing on e-pedagogies for TVET staff and teachers.

The courses are held for 48 core staff and teachers from DVET and 11 TVET partner colleges during  August – September, 2021. Training participants are expected to be changing agents who commit to learn and apply new knowledge and skills as well as impart their experience to colleagues at their organizations.

Trainers from German are experts in the field of e-pedagogy working in a collaboration with professional interpreter teams to deliver the courses. Core teachers and staff are equipped with  knowledge and skills in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating teaching and learning activities on the digital environment. Training contents related to pedagogies and didactics are tailored to meet the need of targeted groups. Participants learn an overview of student-centered and pedagogical approaches.

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