Third Trial Examination for Teachers and In-Company Trainers

The third final trial examination for teachers of the College of Technology II (HVCT) and in-company trainers was held from 27 to 30 June 2017 at the Thuan An Wastewater Treatment Plant (Binh Duong Water – Environment Company (BIWASE)), which was newly inaugurated in April 2017. The main purpose of the third mock examination was to transfer the knowledge and practical skills to 10 teachers and in-company trainers who did not attend the 2016 Summer School in Germany. In addition, this was also an opportunity for teachers and in-company trainers, who are being trained to become examiners (hereinafter referred to as the Vietnamese examiners), to apply the skills of preparing and implementing examinations orientated to the German standard with the support of experienced German examiners.

The exam included a 180-minute theoretical test and a set of practice exams; each lasted 45 to 90 minutes. The third mock exam simulated exactly the vocational training graduation examination in Germany. This means that each test-taker had to individually take her/his practical tests with 2-3 examiners. Therefore, the professional competency and skills of each candidate were assessed in the most comprehensive and accurate way. Two German experts, Mrs Jana Boehm, teaching staff at the Pirna Vocational Training Centre for Technology and Economy, and Mr Martin Zinnow, Technician of the Dresden Sewage Company, guided and supported the Vietnamese examiners in performing the steps in the standard examination procedure. As soon as each contestant finished their examinations, the German and Vietnamese examiners spent time together on-site to draw lesson learnt and to make necessary adjustments and improvements concerning, for example, the attitude of examiners, the ability to ask questions flexibly in order to accurately assess the competency of test-takers as well as to prevent learning by heart, etc.

The third final trial examination received the interest and attendance as observational guests of representatives and experts of the Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association (VWSA), Mr Nguyễn Văn Tiến and Mrs Trần Thị Việt Nga; and representatives of partner enterprises of the pilot cooperative training programme ‘Sewage Engineering Technicians’, Mr Diệp Nguyên Thịnh, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Urban Development and Drainage Company (UDC), Mr Lê Nhân, Director of Centre for Training and HR Development of BIWASE. According to the feedbacks of company representatives, the new examination model is highly practical and allows a comprehensive assessment of the professional knowledge and skills required in the actual working environment. Company representatives also expressed that the companies would consider to employ the graduates of the pilot training programme ‘Sewage Engineering Technicians’ who pass the final examination following this new model. The active participation, enthusiastic support along with the satisfaction of the relevant stakeholders with the quality of the training and examination of the pilot training programme showed that the programme is being implemeted following the right direction and meets the actual requirements of the enterprise for their future technical workforce.

In addition, business representatives reaffirmed the need to enhance the role of the sector association VWSA as the representative body for member firms in the water supply and wastewater sector, which will continue guiding and ensuring the participation of businesses in vocational training activities.


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