The International Leadership Training (ILT) on “TVET, Climate Change and Green Job”

Seven Vietnamese participants are ready for the International Leadership Training (ILT) under GIZ Human Capacity Development programme on “TVET, Climate Change and Green Job” (for Young Professionals from Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam)

Seven  young Vietnamese professionals have been selected for the ILT “TVET, Climate Change and Green Job”. They are experts in TVET with different technical background and responsibilities at their workplaces. Coming from TVET institutes, companies and the National Institute for Vocational Training (NIVT/GDVT), the participants together with colleagues from Lao PDR and Indonesia will have the opportunity to obtain further understanding about approaches and experiences in TVET for a sustainable “green” economy. During the period of February – November 2013, the 9-month training course will be implemented in 2 phases in 2 countries, Korea and Germany and covered by 6 modules including (i) Introduction phase; (ii) Training Needs Assessment; (iii) Didactics and Curriculum Development; (iv) Internship; (v) Management – Fundamentals of Sustainable Development Integration and (vi) Developing a Transfer Project.

Participants are intended to apply the gained knowledge and skills at their workplaces at TVET institutes, companies and research institutes in Viet Nam after completing the training programme. Due to an envisaged multiplication system, participants will be supported to actively contribute to design change processes within their organizations and others and push those processes over a longer period of time. As multipliers, they will be important human resource also for the new component “Vocational training for waste water sector” within the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.

To ensure success of the course, participants were supported with and have successfully completed the 6-week intensive language course in order to get better English skills and abilities. They have also drafted their transfer project ideas which will be further developed during the training course with support of GIZ TVET experts and “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.

All participants are now ready for their first modules in Korea before travelling to Germany to complete other parts of the training course in November 2013. We wish them an enjoyable and successful training time./.


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