The handover workshop of the Director of the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam

On 19/3/2018, the outgoing Director of the Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam, Dr Horst Sommer, handed the leadership over to the newly appointed programme director, Dr Juergen Hartwig, at a brief handover workshop held at the country office of GIZ in Hanoi. During the workshop, the programme staff and management team updated on the progress of the fields of activities, and discussed the planned activities for 2018 with a focus on business sector engagement in TVET and greening TVET.

Dr Juergen Hartwig shared that he is excited by the challenge of leading the programme, and will maintain the long-term fruitful cooperation with the TVET partners. With almost 10 years of experience with GIZ’s vocational training programme in Mongolia, Dr Hartwig hopes to expand his predecessor’s successes in improving the quality and promoting the image of TVET in Vietnam.


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