The door is open – Cooperative Training at Saigon High-Tech Park

“Are you short in skilled workforce? Bridge the gap with your own resources and invest in Cooperative Training!” recommended Peter Wunsch, Senior Technical Advisor of the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam, GIZ. The message was understood by 15 company representatives at Saigon High-Tech Park Training Center on 10 November.

“Annually, we send a certain number of employees for re-training to South Korea, it is a huge investment. Now that we know LILAMA 2 and its capacity, let us discuss further in a follow-up meeting” was the promising statement of Samsung´s HR representative.

LILAMA 2 Technical and Technology College and the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam jointly promoted a demand oriented approach for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Cooperative training means that TVET institutes and companies share the responsibility for the development of occupational standards and training programmes, the delivery of training as well as assessment and certification.

The Japanese company Nidec confirmed “This is a new approach for us. We want to concentrate and enhance our production and performance. We do not want to re-train our employees due to the lack of adequate skills and competences at work”.

According to Dr. Duong Minh Tam, Vice President, Saigon Hi-Tech Park, Board of Management, only 29% of the current 32,000 employees at SHTP have been technically and professionally trained. Given the ideal structure of a high-tech park, this percentage should be at least double. This huge demand could be explored by LILAMA 2 by offering initial and further training.

LILAMA 2 is going in the right direction, as Dr. Le Van Hien, President of LILAMA 2, ensured: “We are ready to offer what you need to develop high-tech man-power. Let’s work together to build up the competitiveness of the Viet Nam’s economy.”


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