Summer School 2016 in Germany: Effective combination with advanced practical trainings and trial test

Following the success of the first summer school held in 2015, the summer school 2016 is recently started on 13 June 2016 and will last for three weeks until 01 July 2016 in Dresden, Germany.  15 teachers and in-company trainers of the supported Vietnamese TVET institutions and five wastewater companies, who successfully passed the first trial exam in last March, will receive advanced practical trainings this time.

Besides trainings in biological wastewater and sludge treatment processes instructed by experienced engineers and in-company-trainers of Dresden Drainage Company (SEDD) as well as teachers from Vocational Training Center of Technology and Economy in Pirna, all participants will learn more about the operation of the wastewater network system and the wastewater treatment plant directly in wastewater treatment plants in Dresden and  Ottendorf-Okrilla.

However, the summer school 2016 actually focuses more on the specific preparations for the final proficiency exam for Vietnamese teachers and in-company-trainers, which will happen in the middle of 2017. A part of what participants have learnt and trained from many trainings organised since June 2014 in Viet Nam and Germany by the Field of Activity 3: TVET in Wastewater Sector, will be intensively reviewed and practiced through plenty of theoretical and practical exercises. Different with the first trial exam, the second trial exam will simulate the final exam, which means that each teacher/ in-company trainer has to do the test individually with the examiner instead of in group. This method will help to accurately assess competencies of each examinee.

‘Summer school is a very useful training method, which gives Vietnamese teacher and in-company trainers an overview and direct approach to the working environment and technologies in Germany. It contributes in developing a group of competent teachers and trainers, who are able to effectively implement vocation training for wastewater sector in the future’,  so Dr Sommer, Director of the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam.

After finishing the exam, six in 15 participants will stay one week longer in Germany to get the training for examiner. They will be equipped with a set of different skills, methods and tools in order to develop and implement exams oriented to German standards for vocational training exams.


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