Strengthening the career guidance and promotion for “Sewage Engineering Technician”

With the support of the Field of Activity 3 “TVET for a Skilled Workforce in the Wastewater Sector”, a part of the Programme “Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”, three TVET institutes Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology (HVCT), College of Technical Construction No. 1 (CTC1) and Hue Industrial College (HUEIC) have carried out many career guidance activities to promote the new training programme “Sewage Engineering Technician” to a large number of students and teachers during the period from April to June this year.

Diversify forms of TVET promotion and recruitment counselling

The TVET institutes have worked closely with high schools at their provinces to bring students to TVET institutes to attend the Career Day. Students could visit the workshop, being introduced to many career choices, and participate in career guidance and orientation based on their interests, capabilities and their family’s economic conditions.

On April 20, 2019, at the HVCT, nearly 1,000 high school students in District 9 attended the “Career Orientation Day” in order to help them understand TVET. they are given a practical experience. HVCT received a lot of positive feedback from students after visiting the workshops. Students and parents recognize that the university is not the only path to success.

In addition to bringing students to visit colleges, HVCT and HUEIC also participated in weekly activities at high schools. At the age of 16-17, most students still do not have a clear career orientation, advice from teachers has a great impact on their career path. Therefore, teachers are also the main targeted group to be approached by the HVCT and HUEIC when carrying out the recruitment counselling. Teachers are those who directly interact with students on daily basis, their voices have a strong impact on their decision after graduation from high school or middle school. Participation in TVET counselling at high schools has helped students and teachers of the schools have a better overview of vocational training and job orientation,

Enhance relationships with businesses sector

A very important component influencing enrolment counselling is the business sector, which is operating in areas related to the training occupations at TVET institutes. Therefore, both HVCT, Hanoi Construction College No. 1 and Hue Industrial College during the enrolment period held seminars with enterprises about their training occupations.

On Sunday morning, May 5, 2019, at the HVCT, the TVET teaching staff introduced different training professions to businesses such as Sewage Engineering Technicians, Beauty Care, Logistics … and listened to the business sector talk about their current and future human resource needs. This is an important foundation for the TVET institute to continue to develop the vocational training programme to meet the actual needs of businesses. Besides, some enterprises have signed commitments with HVCT to ensure jobs for trainees after graduation.

Hue Industrial College also held a business meeting in May. The TVET institutes all agree that they need to work closely with businesses, so that businesses can support the enrolment process, and it is important that they are willing to recruit trainees after graduation. Thank to this, the TVET institute’s prestige and reputation are increasingly promoted and thus contribute positively to the enrolment consultancy in the near future.

Thanks to comprehensive career counselling and promotion in recent years, many parents and students have changed their perception that TVET is not the end but only the beginning which opens to many other successful paths.


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