Results of the Appraisal Mission for the Follow-On Phase of the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam” were presented to and discussed with the Stakeholders

In the Government Negotiations on 28 May 2015, the Vietnamese and German Governments confirmed the commitment for the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”. In preparation for the implementation of this commitment, a Technical Cooperation appraisal mission was conducted from 08.06.2014 to 19.06.2015. This appraisal mission engaged discussions with policy and implementation partners of the programme as well as other stakeholders of the TVET sector in Viet Nam. The mission aimed to prioritize and define objectives, indicators and the methodological approach as well as the partner contributions for an effective implementation of the follow-on phase based on experiences and lessons learnt of the ”Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.

The findings and recommendations of the appraisal mission were presented and discussed with all partners in the Final Workshop of the Appraisal Missionheld at Hotel de L’Opera Hanoi on 19 June 2015. At the workshop, representatives of the General Directorate of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (GDVT/MoLISA), Vietnam Vocational Training Association (VVTA), Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI), German Development Bank (KfW), and Ministry of Finance discussed the results and recommendations of the mission team for the follow-on phase of the programme which comprises the continuation of the fields of activity “TVET Policy Advisory and System Reform”, “Support for Centres of Excellence” and “TVET for Skilled Workers in the Wastewater Sector” until end of 2018.

In addition to the on-going activities, the support for VCMI as a Centre of Excellence for Green TVET will be included in the second field of activity of the programme. The Centre of Excellence for Green TVET will be supported in developing demand-oriented initial and further training offers based on German standards and will fulfill the following tasks:

  1. Development and piloting of a basic module “Environmental protection, energy and resource efficiency”;
  2. Development and piloting of demand-oriented “green” further training offers;
  3. Development and piloting of cooperative training for new occupations based on the demand of the economy in Vietnam;
  4. Further training of the teaching and management staff of VCMI and of other TVET institutes through multipliers at VCMI;
  5. Development of VCMI as a regional hub for “Green TVET”.

The Final Workshop of the Appraisal Mission ended with the signing ceremony of the Agreement of the Appraisal Mission Results by Dr. Horst Sommer – Director of the Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam, Assoc. Prof. Duong Duc Lan – Director General of the General Directorate of Vocational Training and Prof. Michael Guder – Head of the Appraisal Mission. Based on this Agreement of the Appraisal Mission Results GIZ will develop a project offer to be submitted to the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) for approval.


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