Remedial training course in “Conventional Metal Cutting: Turning and Milling” for TVET teachers in Metal Cutting

From 2nd to 20th April 2012, a remedial training course in “Conventional Metal Cutting: Turning and Milling” was organized under the GIZ “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam” framework. GDVT and Hung Yen University of Technology and Education (HYUTE) were in close cooperation to organize and conduct this course. The 3-week programme was aimed to improve and consolidate practical competences of selected teachers/instructors so that they will be able to follow effectively further training measures in the Metal Cutting/CNC area within the PVT2008 Programme component.

11 teachers from 5 beneficial TVET institutes were trained by a national trainer and a multiplier of the HYUTE together with assistance of a German expert. In this course, teachers had the opportunity to practice more intensively the conventional machining of metal cutting projects closely related to industrial specifications following comparable German occupational standards. The performance requirements were overall more complex with a higher demand to comply with given work processes and time targets. General issues of labor safety, work disciplines and team work were also taken into account and have been fully integrated in all the practical activities.

At the end of the course, most of the participants have met the set quality standards and various kinds of turning and milling work pieces were been produced satisfying quality requirements… The teachers/ instructors were having overall a better work discipline and team spirit. The reports of the trainer and the German expert underline that the participants have made much progress in their technical competence achievement as compared to the previous course. The objective of the course has been reached and nearly all participants are now capable to attend the next modular training courses in metal cutting/CNC. The teachers/trainers have internalized the proverb ‘Practice makes the master’.


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