Producing Work Pieces of International Quality -Individual based Teacher Training in Advanced CNC-Turning –

Dong Nai, 11.10.2013

Ten technical trainers of the Lilama2 Mechanical Faculty have received a 10 days intensive CNC-turning training that will advance their present knowledge and practical skills. The training content and practical project work was designed to fulfill international industrial standards. The course was implemented and supervised by institute-based Development Advisor, an experienced German CNC-expert and tailored to the requirements of metal processing industry in Viet Nam.

In the 80 hour training participants deepened their knowledge in Programme and Tool Management, Turning Technology and Work Organization as well as in the Development of CNC-turning Programmes with increasing complexity. Each and every training participant planed and implemented his project work on an individual basis and operated the CNC-lathe machines independently. They set-up the CNC-machine for operation, entered their developed turning programmes with specific parameters and processed the workpiece according to the given work order. They assessed the produced work pieces and evaluated the working processes and modified them as required to receive a competitive quality product, which could be sold on local as well as international markets.

The technical trainers of Lilama2 were well aware that building up theoretical knowledge and exercising practical skills are essential for performing high quality training at their own vocational college and have been very motivated to make the most of the given chance to improve their professional abilities.


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