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Apprenticeship Day in Long An

On the morning of 12 May 2013, Long An Provincial People Committee (PPC) in cooperation with Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Vietnam Association of Vocational Training and Social works, and German Development Cooperation GIZ organized the Opening Ceremony “Apprenticeship Day” at Long An Vocational College. Chairman of Long An PPC, Mr. Do Huu Lam and more than 1200 delegates, students, pupils participated the event. The apprenticeship day was organized with the purpose to propagate and raise social awareness of vocational training for building career to affirm the decisive roles of TVET in the development strategy of social economics, human resource development of the country and Long An province. Via the apprenticeship day, Long An expects to improve competitive competence of the province by improving quality of vocational training for human resources to meet the focus trends of the province’s social economics development upto 2020.

Speaking at the Opening ceremony, Madam Pham Thi Hai Chuyen Pham Thi Hai Chuyen, the party central committee, Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs called on parents, workers, and civil society organizations to take concrete actions to change perceptions about career development, each one should strive to learn an occupation for their life and the future.

Within the frame of the apprenticeship day, it was opened the Photo exhibition “Trained to build your career” and thematic workshop “Be trained – be employed”. Many discussions and issues was made at the workshop to find out causes and solutions to attract students to vocational training more and more. by this, it will contribute to meet the market labor need with high skills nowadays for the development of the country. During 4 days of the exhibition, there are display booths introducing vocational training activities of vocational institutes in Long An and other neibough provinces.

MoLISA Online News

On the morning of 12/05/2013, at Long An Vocational College, Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with Long An PPC, Vietnam Vocational Training Association and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) together organized the Opening ceremony of “Apprenticeship day” and the Photo exhibition “Trained to build your career”. Attending the ceremony were Madam Pham Thi Hai Chuyen – Minister of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs, Madam Nguyen Thi Hang – Chairman of the Vietnam Vocational Training Association, Mr. Do Huu Lam – Chairman Long An, Nguyen Ngoc Phi – Deputy Minister of MoLISA, Dr. Horst Sommer – Program Director of the Vietnamese – German Cooperation in TVET, Ass.Prof.Dr. Duong Duc Lan – Director General of General Department of Vocational Training and other representatives from the departments and representatives of educational institutions, businesses and more than 1,000 students of Long An college and other secondary school.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Pham Thi Hai Chuyen stressed: “Apprenticeship associated with sustainable employment is the legitimate need of each person, is positive measures to create jobs and improve the quality of human resources to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization of the country. In recent years, the TVET has been innovated and developed with various forms of vocational training which are suitable with the needs of the economy and the ability of the trainees. Resources for vocational training are increasing with considerable investment from infrastructure and training facilities. The linkages, cooperation between vocational institutes and business sector are now more and more getting closed.

Number of vocational trained employees is increasing and the number of employment accounts high percentage of 70% … The trained workers have assumed most of the jobs at different enterprises in the country and a number of job positions require high skills in economic development focus areas which normally were previously undertaken by foreigner. This initially meets the labor market need with high quality for industrial zones, a key economic sectors, the FDI and for export labors “.

VOV Online

On 12/05 morning, at College Long An, Tan An City, the “Apprenticeship day” was opened. The festival day is to honor the contributions of TVET for the economy, to raise awareness of vocational training through vocational counseling activities which help young people to seize the opportunity in finding suitable and sustainable employment thanks to appropriate vocational training. Mr. Do Huu Lam, Chairman of Provincial People’s Committee of Long An said: “This apprenticeship day is expected to contribute to efforts to reform and improve vocational training of the government. Besides, it introduces a dynamic new way for effective advocacy to raise awareness about social apprenticeship and career building and confirm the decisive role of vocational training in strategic economic development – social development human resource development to create jobs and reduce poverty, contribute to training of technical manpower with high quality service for industrialization – modernization and international integration of Vietnam in general and Long An province in particular”. The Apprenticeship day includes: Photo Exhibition entitled “Trained to build your career”, admissions counseling by vocational schools, the display booth to introduce vocational training activities provided by different vocational institutes.

Nhan Dan Online News

Long An organized the Apprenticeship day Morning 12-5, Long An province celebrated the Opening of “Apprenticeship Day” at Long An Vocational College. More than 1,200 delegates and students, pupils in the province were attending. Apprenticeship day is organized for the purpose of propaganda to raise social awareness about apprenticeship settled, confirm the decisive role of vocational training in strategic social economic development. Through the festival day, Long An Province

expects to improve competitive competence by improving the quality of human resource training to meet the trend of social economic development strategy of the province upto 2020.

As part of the apprenticeship day, the organizers opened the Photo exhibition “Trained to build your career” and the thematic Workshop “Be trained – be employed”.


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