Practice-oriented further training for TVET teachers/instructors in Metal Technology area, specialized in Metal Cutting occupation

Presently, according to overall evaluation of GDVT, a high rate of TVET teachers/instructors are considered to have met the regulated standards of academic qualifications; however, many of them still have a big gap to meet standards of practical competence. In order to reduce the gap, GIZ in cooperation with GDVT is providing practice-oriented further training courses to TVET teachers/instructors in supported occupational areas under framework of “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.

Since June 2011 up to now, 9 training courses in total have been conducted in Metal Technology area, specialized in Metal Cutting occupation for 21 teachers/instructors of 7 beneficial TVET institutes. These practice-oriented further training courses were developed based on analyses of current competences of teachers/instructors toward practical standards of German industry in Metal Cutting occupation. Training concept is first to build up core and fundamental practical competences in Metal Technology area and then specialized practical competences in Metal Cutting occupation according to levels of technology from conventional to state of the art. Through this process, generic practical skills are gained during the first stage, specific practical skills and trade-relevant skills are acquired in the second stage. Trainee-centered training method is applied in all the courses.

With such training concept and method, so far teachers/instructors step by step have gone through courses in Metal Work for Hand-operated Tools, Conventional turning and milling, Assembling of bearings, Assembling of Mechanical Subassemblies and Machines, Project-oriented basic and advanced training metal work. Each course lasts from one to three weeks and under training of experienced German and national trainers and training assistants. This process enables teachers/instructors to build a solid fundamental practical competence in Metal Technology area and in Metal Cutting occupation. Beyond that teachers/instructors also improve team work ability and awareness about work discipline and labor safety. These soft skills are important and needed for their professional activities; and are integrated in practical exercises of each course.

After experiencing 17 weeks in total of training, teachers/instructors realize the growth of their practical competence and feel more confident to move on with training at higher level. Based on this, GIZ together with GDVT planned to implement courses with CNC technology at the end of 2012. Training venues will be selected in beneficial TVET institutes in the finished GIZ’s supported project (Promotion of TVET in Viet Nam). This measure, on one hand is to ensure conditions of training equipment for the coming courses, and on the other hand, it is to maintain and promote sustainable development of the former beneficial TVET institutes through organization and sending staff to conduct the courses as training assistants or master trainers.


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