Pilot Project “Vocational School – Enterprises” has started

On February 27th 2009 Wiha, a German Company which produces high-quality tools, the Viet Duc Industrial College (VDIC), Thai Nguyen, and the GTZ on behalf of the project “Promotion of TVET, Vietnam” signed an agreement on conducting a pilot project “Vocational School – Enterprises”.<_o3a_p>

The picture shows left Mr. Ketterer (Direkctor of Wiha), Mr. Tan (Director of VDIC) and Mr. Schwarz (GTZ) signing the agreement on 27th of February 2009 at Wiha in Song Cong.





The cooperation aims the goal to improve the quality of vocational training and further training and to support the cooperation between vocational Schools and enterprises.

The cooperation contains

  • practice-related further training of teachers and instructors as well as traineeship programs for VDIC-students organized by Wiha;
  • didactical further training for Wiha instructors organized by VDIC;
  • a close cooperation on the field of public relation to support vocational education and training in Thai Nguyen province.
As a first step of this cooperation a 4 weeks further training program for VDIC teachers has been started on March 2nd. This will be supported by a train-the-trainer program for Wiha-instructors initiated and supported by the project „Promotion of TVET, Vietnam“, conducted by VDIC-teachers. These activities will be followed by continuous traineeship programs for VDIC students at Wiha.



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