Mechanic is the key – industry meets training sector

“Connect the mechanical industry and bring them in contact with the training sector”, this was introductory mentioned by Mr. Nguyen Van Thu, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI).

Leading mechanical companies such as VINALIFT or SAMCO attended at VAMI´s event “Vietnamese Engineering Enterprises: Development Cooperation in the integration process”. The event was organized within the mechanic-fair MTA Vietnam 2016 on 05 July in HCMC.

GIZ and the partner organization LILAMA 2 presented their approach for demand driven training and encouraged the companies to join cooperative training elements such as on-the-job- training or In-Company-Trainers to close the gap of qualified workforce. The presenter informed about results recently achieved such as the developed occupational standards for Construction Mechanics Technician and Industrial Electronic Technician.

As follow up company visits at LILAMA 2 were agreed to get acquainted with their equipment and services. Additionally a Memorandum of Understanding is planned to enhance the cooperation between LILAMA 2 and selected associations such as VAMI and Vietnam Automation Association (VAA).


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