LILAMA 2 is turning towards a hub of training of trainers

Dong Nai, 07/07/2017

Two comprehensive training courses on “Basic Electrotechnics” and on “Maintenance in the field of Electrotechnics” were successfully organized at LILAMA 2 International Technology College. These training courses were conducted by two especially qualified competent multipliers from LILAMA 2, who were coached by Mr. Michael Stark, Development Advisor. By offering and conducting training courses for other TVET-institutes, LILAMA 2 is further on its way to work as a hub for qualifying staff from other training providers and fulfilling one important criterion as a Centre of Excellence.

The training course “Basic Electrotechnics” took place from 26 to 30 June 2017. In this course 17 electrics, electronics and mechatronics teachers/instructors/technicians were invited from TVET partner institutes of LILAMA 2, Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology (HVCT) and Vocational College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI). For the first time, two technicians from International German School participated. During the course, participants were not only provided with useful basic knowledge and skills of electrotechnics widely used in industry. They also paid much attention to develop their competencies in installing, testing and commissioning specific applications according to international standards (e.g. electric circuit with sockets, two switches and a lamp; a star-delta circuit for an asynchronous engine).

The training course “Maintenance in the field of Electrotechnics” took place from 03 to 07 July 2017. In this course 16 electrics, electronics and mechatronics teachers/instructors/technicians were invited from TVET partner institutes of LILAMA 2 and HVCT. This course accommodated participants with basic knowledge and skills concerning 5S-Workshop Management Method and Maintenance procedures. They were instructed to (i) maintain machines (compressors, drilling machines, vices) and tools; (ii) check electrical installations with installation testing devices; (iii) inspect/ evaluate electric cabinets in the mechatronic workshops.

All practical exercises included in these two training courses were chosen from real situations. For some practical exercises, participants were asked to look for technical documents and information from the internet, make their own plans and carry out their projects, then evaluate their work based on given problems/requirements by themselves. This is an important prerequisite in order to build and develop competencies of self-studying and researching to be able to deal with real situations.

After finishing the trainings, all participants found the courses necessary and useful for their training work. As shared by Mr. Duy (HVCT) and Mr. Hieu (LILAMA 2) during the closing event, they highly appreciated gained knowledge and skills as well as competence of LILAMA 2 multipliers.

The training courses were held within the activity field “Support of Centres of Excellence for TVET” as part of the Vietnamese-German Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam. The programme is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.




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