Life is full of choices – Make the right one for your career!

The 3rd OPEN DAY at LILAMA 2 attracted more than 1200 high school students to get an impression of vocational training as possible career choice.

There are big decisions ahead for future high school graduates. Which is the best career choice after graduation? Studying at the university, working to support the family, or choosing vocational training as career choice?

It is hard to say which choice is the right one. You will have to choose for yourself, maybe by asking questions such as which option suits your abilities and personal situation best? Choosing a suitable occupation based on your preferences and enabling you to be employed and live independently could be just the right choice. That is the key message of the 3rd Open Day held at LILAMA 2 International Technology College on 4 March. The event was jointly organised by LILAMA 2, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI)/the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises (NHO) and the “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”, implemented by GIZ.

The 3rd Open Day at LILAMA 2 attracted around 1200 grade 12 students as well as 30 teachers, principals and vice-principals of eight high schools from the Dong Nai province.

The Open Day provided an opportunity for high school students to exchange information with teaching staff and the management board of LILAMA 2, the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA), company representatives, German experts and with their peers, who are currently learning at the college. For many students, the most exciting experience during the Open Day was to take part in practical activities and exercises in the state-of-the-art equipped workshops at LILAMA 2.  Currently enrolled trainees at LILAMA 2 shared their experiences about the specific occupation that they are being trained in, the training organisation, which is practically oriented and especially the active participation of partner companies in the training process. Entertainment did not fall short either: The guests enjoyed music performances and a tombola.

Expressions such as “great place”, referring to the college, “I want to become a TVET student” or simply “I love it” leave the organisers confident, that the Open Day was a success. 

The promotion of TVET as the right career choice requires strong cooperation between TVET institutes such as LILAMA 2 and high schools. Therefore, teachers and high school management joined a workshop on career orientation that was held at the Open Day. Mr. Le Chanh Thu, the Vice Principal of Ray High School was impressed with the Open Day: “This event was indeed impressing, especially because so many trainees were present. I have gained remarkable insights about LILAMA 2 through the workshop tour that I attended for the first time. I will try to convince more of our graduates to consider vocational education as the right career choice for them”.

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