Introductory training and competence assessment course for Lilama2 teachers/instructors in Mechatronics

In the frame of Activity field “CoE for TVET – Lilama2” of the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam”, from 21th to 23th May 2015, an introductory training and competence assessment course in mechatronics was organized at Lilama2 Technical and Technology College (Lilama2 TTC). The course was conducted by an experienced training expert, who was supported by 2 competent multipliers from Lilama2 TTC. Participant of the course were ten teachers/instructors of Lilama2 TTC. Before the assessment, participants were provided with an introduction to basic mechatronics, work organization, Industrial installation standards, requirements on occupational health and safety (OHS), and were also introduced assessment criterions of German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

During the assessment process for the project “Controls of the Hammer mill”, the participants had to plan required working progress and prepare necessary equipment and consumption materials by themselves. After that, they had to implement below mentioned main tasks independently, and concluded their assignment with a self-assessment of their performance:

  • Design and installation of the Control circuit

  • Design and installation of the Power circuit

  • Design and installation of Drives

  • Connection of Control circuit with Power circuit and Drives and effectors

  • Operation and trouble-shooting of Controls of the Hammer mill

  • Measurement and testing of parameters of system

  • Documentation and report

The assessment results give a necessary input to design a series of further training courses in the ongoing phase of Technical Cooperation with Lilama2 TTC. The trained teachers/instructors will apply and multiply the gained knowledge and skills in mechatronics at their institute.

Snapshots of the assessment course:


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