International Leadership Training (ILT)

7 Vietnamese participants arrived in Germany for 1 year International Leadership Training (ILT) “Media Development in TVET for Young professionals from Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam” conducted by GIZ on behalf of BMZ

For this training course the 7 Vietnamese participants have been selected for ILT course are teachers/instructors from TVET institutes supported within “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”. Together with 7 colleagues from Laos and 6 colleagues from Indonesia they will stay for one year in Germany in order to get further qualification and personal experience abroad.

The training course is designed to contribute through the advanced training of qualified multipliers and educational specialists to further development of economy as well as employment. Vietnamese participants will be placed on planning and decision making levels in their “home” TVET institutes promoted by Vietnamese-German Cooperation after finishing the programme.

Due to an envisaged multiplication system the young professionals will be enabled to actively contribute to design change processes focusing on curricula/training modules and media development in TVET within their organisations and push those processes over a longer period of time. Mid term objective in this respect is also creating a better balance between offer and demand in “Human Recourses” related to the labor market needs.

The training course will cover 7 modules including (i) curricula-development in vocational education and didactical analysis of selected curricula; (ii) Information, Communication and Media Technology; (iii)Media-didactical basics for creating of multimedia teaching aids; (iv) ICT-based development of multimedia teaching aids; (v) Occupational internship; (vi) Developing of web based E-learning solution examples and (vii) Developing an Transfer Project

Developing the transfer project

The objective of the important transfer project is to work towards necessary institutional change while being in Germany and to use the knowledge gained during the training to implement change and initiate further development after returning home. At the start of the International Leadership Training participants draw up a transfer project for their organisation, along with their superiors and in cooperation with GIZ. The projects can be adjusted to the professional interests, the needs of the participants employer as well as dynamic developments within the participant’s home country.

The transfer project is designed and further developed during the training in Germany, taking advantage of the knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes acquired by the participants during the different training components.


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