Intensive Training on Metal Cutting CNC for Vietnamese trainers

During a 3-month intensive training course in Germany, 8 Vietnamese Vocational Training trainers have been trained based on German training standards and qualifications in the field of Metal Cutting – CNC. The training course was conducted from 22 September until 22 December 2008 and implemented within the Public Private Partnership (PPP) between GTZ – Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) project and the European Association for Vocational and Social Education (EBG) in Magdeburg, Germany.

This was the last training of a series of 5 courses and developed following the systematic training programmes conducted before in Hung Yen University of Technics and Education (HYUTE) for 16 Vocational Training trainers. From that eight of the best trainers were selected to attend this intensive training course in Germany.

The training programme included the following topics:
  • The development of metal technology and technics
  • Vocational Training didactics (basic)
  • Philosophy teaching methodology (basic), and
  • Technical topics:
    – Programming on turning machine CNC
    – Maximizing utilizing functions of turning machine CNC
    – Programming on milling machine CNC
    – Maximizing utilizing functions of milling machine CNC
    – Operation of boring machine CNC
    – Operation of pulse cutter – CNC
The previous training in Hung Yen UTE, including the assessment, were to evaluate the practical skills of our trainers in the fields of traditional turning and milling and topics about basic CNC turning and CNC milling. The training programme included technical topics, trade related didactics and methodology which were combined and integrated in a way that is relevant and suitable in the Vietnamese context. Now, the final intensive training course in Germany has enabled our trainers to apply, practice and multiply the gained knowledge and skills in their future training and further training work,.
Like previous training organised in Hung Yen UTE, the training participants successfully completed the course-end test.
With the advanced-level training and final test at the end of each course, it is believed that these trainers will be able to utilise effectively the CNC equipment being supported by German financial cooperation through KFW.


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