Improving the quality of TVET reporting and research work at Vietnam National Institute of Vocational Education and Training by learning experiences from the German Federal Institute of Vocational Education and Training

In the framework of the Trial Cooperation Agreement between the German Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and National Institute for Vocational Education and Training (NIVET), a study visit of NIVET researcher and GIZ staff took place from 9th to17th October, 2017 at BIBB in Germany.

During 7 working days, the study team had opportunity to work with BIBB colleagues who cover coordination and management positions in important areas such as TVET reporting, organizational development, research work and quality assurance. The BIBB colleagues provided valuable presentations and shared best practices of BIBB in the above mentioned areas.

The extensive experience shared by the BIBB colleagues in TVET report development and coordination work, training market research, development of a research data base and publications as well as TVET glossary development is valuable for the TVET reporting team of NIVET. This input, together with the coaching of the BIBB advisors, has contributed to the improvement of the first draft of Vietnam TVET report 2016. The common advice of BIBB colleagues “one of the key success factors of TVET reporting is close cooperation between NIVET with all relevant stakeholders as co-authors of the report” is a further crucial input for NIVET in the effective TVET reporting process. One of the best practices in sustainable development of annual data report in Germany is that responsibility of all relevant stakeholders is clearly stipulated in the Vocational Training Act.

Furthermore, the approach of BIBB organization development as the main board establishment, staff development and quality assurance system is useful for NIVET. What the team has gained about BIBB’s research work, in general, and examples of researches in training market supply and demand, cost benefits, pilot research projects of vocational training in the context of Revolution Industry 4.0 can be applied by the NIVET researchers. BIBB colleagues explained the team about inter-company centers and arranged a visit to the Inter-company training Center – IHK Bonn Rhein Sieg in Bonn.  It was very impressive for the team to see in reality a training center full of students and to know the success of an in-company center. The similar type of this Inter-company center is being piloted in the framework of Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.

The study team received a lot of useful advices from the BIBB colleagues that are applicable in the Vietnamese context. After the study trip, the mission team will share BIBB experiences and advices with the NIVET management and staff members.  A series of coaching sessions will be conducted by trained study team in order to transfer the gained knowledges for the NIVET researchers for improvement of TVET report 2016 quality.

The successful study trip has contributed to the fruitful trial cooperation between BIBB, GIZ and NIVET.


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