Improving Leadership Skills towards Effective Cooperation with Business Sector and Successful Autonomy

With the support of the Field of Activity 3: “TVET for Skilled Workforce in the Wastewater Sector” under the Vietnamese-German Cooperation Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam, on January 22nd and 23rd 2018, 25 management staff as well as key departments and faculties of the College of Technology II (HVCT) participated in the advanced training course “Leadership Skills“. The advanced training course was designed to resolve the current shortages in management capacities at HVCT, in order to help the management staff gradually meet the urgent requirements of the cooperative training with the business sector as well as successfully pilot the autonomy mechanism.

After two days of the course, the participants understand the key principles of organisational and personnel management at TVET institutes, leadership styles, communication skills, methods of personnel management and development, as well as basic tools for conflict management. Moreover, under the guidance of the trainer, participants know how to use basic management tools and are now equipped with important skills such as coordination of team works and persuasion skills.

More importantly, at the end of the course, the participants are full of motivation and determination to apply the tools into their daily managing tasks. In 2018, the Field of Activity 3 will continue to support HVCT to organise other training courses, targeting to improve leadership and management skills of HVCT managers. The further training courses should support HVCT to cooperate with the business sector more effectively as well as to implement the pilot project of autonomy for TVET institutes successfully./.


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