His Excellency Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Viet Nam – Welcome to the LILAMA 2 Technical and Technology College

On 6 April 2016, in Long Thanh, Dong Nai province, Mr Christian Berger, German Ambassador to Viet Nam, and his delegation has paid an official visit to the LILAMA 2 Technical and Technology College (LILAMA 2)

Ambassador Berger appreciated the development and strategic vision of the college. He had recorded the significant contribution of Germany in regards of expertise and finance to support the college in particular and the TVET of Viet Nam in general.

Since the Government Negotiations of 2010 and 2011, LILAMA 2 was selected as a partner of the German Development Cooperation in TVET and the Technical Cooperation had been officially implemented in 2014.  LILAMA 2’s German partners for the implementation are GIZ for the technical and KfW for financial cooperation.

With the support of Germany, LILAMA 2 is on the way to become a Centre of Excellence (CoE) for TVET in Vietnam by 2018. Additionally LILAMA 2 intends to get accredited by 2020 as CoE for Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Viet Nam (CLMV).

The Ambassador had a tour through the premises and practical workshops for Professional Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Production, Welding and Conventional Metal Cutting. He openly discussed with the management board, teachers and students of LILAMA2 as well as German experts about the opportunities and challenges such as systemic requirements, employment possibility of graduates. Ambassador Berger emphasized the very high importance of spreading the impact of the pilot model to other TVET institutes of Vietnam due to the limited financial resources of both Vietnamese and German governments.

He stressed the necessity to create a critical mass and asked openly how to promote elements of Dual Training and bring the business sector into TVET and positively raise awareness among young people and their parents to consider vocational training as a good option for building their career.

“I will come back to LILAMA 2 during my assignment in Viet Nam and I’m looking forward to seeing your college becoming a Centre of Excellence for TVET”, Ambassador Berger said to Dr Le Van Hien – Rector of LILAMA 2 before leaving.


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