Happy New TVET Year 2017!

20 vocational trainers of LILAMA 2 realised their good resolutions for 2017 and welcomed the new year with the training course ”Fundamental Metal Training – Hand Operated Tools”.

The course represents the start of a series of further trainings in 2017 for practice trainers for Metal Cutting-CNC, Construction Mechanics, Industrial Electronics and Mechatronics. Those four industrial occupations are supported to be implemented in LILAMA 2 by the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam within the frame of the German-Vietnamese Development Cooperation.

Participating in the ”Fundamental Metal Training – Hand Operated Tools”, the trainers increased their technical competence by producing a steel C-Clamp manually and step by step with hand operated tools and simple machining processes.

The participants acquired knowledge and skills in the operation and maintenance of hand-operated measuring devices, marking and punching tools, metal cutting tools as chisels, hack saws and various kinds of files as well as drilling, reaming and sinking tools. Besides that, complementary competences, such as reading of technical drawings, planning of work steps, organisation of workshop and work place, as well as assembly techniques were conveyed in the newly equipped workshops of LILAMA 2 Technical and Technology College.

The trainer of the course, a talent of LILAMA 2, transfers his knowledge and skills confidently to his colleagues – trainers of various faculties. Coached by two German experts, all participants of the training are demonstrated a positive work attitude towards manual work and clarified responsibilities in their role as trainers and mentors of regular trainees in their daily work at the college.


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