German standard training programmes disseminated to TVET institutes in Vietnam

In the framework of the Vietnamese – Germany Programme “Reform of TVET in Vietnam” (TVET Programme), the International Technology College LILAMA 2 (LILAMA 2) cooperated with partner companies and associations to develop German standard oriented cooperative training programmes for Mechatronics, Industrial Electronics, Metal Cutting and Construction Mechanics occupations. These training programmes have been assessed and recognized as equivalent to German standards by the German Chamber of Crafts HWK Erfurt (Germany) and successfully implemented at LILAMA 2 and partner companies, where students have the opportunity to improve practical skills and working style in real job positions.

In order to disseminate these developed training programmes in Vietnamese TVET system, on March 30 and April 07, 2021, TVET Programme in collaboration with LILAMA 2 disseminated the German standard Metal Cutting training programme (to Bac Ninh College of Industry and Vietnamese – German Technical College of Ha Tinh) and Mechatronics training programme (to Ninh Thuan Vocational College, Long An College, An Giang Vocational College and Hue Industrial College).

These training programmes were developed on a demand oriented basis, with high permeability among different training qualification levels. The entire content of occupational expertise was designed in the format of practice-oriented training modules, from basic to advanced level, integrating elements of: (i) Digitalization and Industry 4.0, (il) Greening TVET and Environmental protection, (iii) Occupational health and safety, (iv) Gender equality and inclusion.

At the transfer workshop, GIZ and LILAMA 2’s experts introduced and answered enquiries related to the characteristics, structures and contents of the training programmes. Furthermore, management boards and teachers at TVET institutes were also consulted by LILAMA 2’s representatives to successfully prepare and implement these training programmes, from the preparation phase (such as capacity building for teachers, cooperation with potential companies, equipment, teaching-learning materials, recruitment of students, quality assurance tools), to the implementation of training programmes at TVET institutes and partner companies, and to the assessment the trainees’ capability with the participation of the business sector. All six participating TVET institutes highly appreciated the disseminated training programmes and were eager to implement them. At the workshop, with the support and consultation of GIZ and LILAMA 2’s experts, the TVET institutes also made a preliminary action plan to implement the first training course in 2021.

To support TVET institutes to successfully disseminate the transferred training programmes, TVET Programme will assign groups of experts to each TVET institute to analyze the current situation and to provide consultation for implementation. TVET Programme will also organize capacity building activities for teachers (at TVET institutes and companies) and examiners. In addition, the cooperation between TVET institutes and business sector will also be enhanced.

These activities were held within the component “Supporting High-Quality TVET Institutes” as part of the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”. The programme is financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) together with the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA).

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