GARMENT internal review of drafted modules.

Hanoi, 10-12 June 2008

To provide opportunity for teachers and specialists of two partner schools to update, discuss, and exchange with garment experts from industry, enterprises and government agencies, a 3-day workshop was organised during 10-12 June 2008.

The workshop focused on the on-going work of module development and adaptation. They are two draft modules: Pattern Making and Pattern Software. Participants also drafted outlines of two modules: Sourcing and Product development as inputs for the next training workshop with international consultants in September 2008.

The workshop received participation of garment specialists and trainers of two partner schools plus experts from GDVT (Teachers Deptartment and Vocational Standards Department), VITAS and DOXIMEX, a garment enterprise.

It was good that the workshop was organised at the time that MoLISA new Decision (No. 58/2008/QD-BLDTBXH) about framework curriculum and guidelines for development of training modules had just been signed which will replace the Decision No. 01 on the same subject. Experts from GDVT shared new points, updates and revisions of Decision 01 which will affect the work of module development.

Both partner institutes of Garment trade are managed by MoET which ministry has a different system of guidelines and regulations on education and training (for instance, structure and format of training module). These TVET-institutes now face the challenge to make use of the new MoLISA-Decisions No. 01 (reference no. 01/2007/QD-BLDTBXH) and No. 58. That is a great amount of information for participants to understand and apply at the workshop. This was in a way, appreciated as the information is certainly very relevant and important to the vocational training activity of the schools and teachers. Participation of specialists from VVTA and an enterprise and relevant departments of GDVT provided a diverse source of information and updates which generated fruitful discussions.

WS products include two finalized modules (pattern making and pattern software) and 2 draft outlines (sourcing and product development). These will be further developed at the next training workshop with international consultants in September 2008./.


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