Further training on the “Operation of e-learning studio and Development of digital teaching materials”

To foster a holistic approach to digital transformation (DX) for TVET colleges in Viet Nam, GIZ supports teachers’ capacity developments on e-learning as a fundamental part of online education and blueprint for future learning.

In correspondence, on 26 and 27 July, the Vietnamese-German Programme “Reform of TVET in Viet Nam” organized a two-day further training course on the operation of an e-learning studio and the development of digital teaching & learning materials at the College of Machinery and Irrigation (VCMI). The training for 25 faculty focal points was the first subsequent training after the course on the “E-learning studio and the development of digital teaching resources” for 11 partner TVET colleges in June 2022. 

In 2021 and 2022, the GIZ supported the VCMI with the necessary digital tools and educational software to create e-learnings. Now, the VCMI DX multipliers and the trainer – Mr. Nguyen The Luong designed and conducted a customized training at the VCMI, using practical training method and focusing on practical lessons with all training contents uploaded on the Learning Management Systems (LMS) platform, to equip teachers and college staff with the necessary skills to optimize the usage of their e-learning room equipment. Accordingly, the participants were divided into two groups: Technical Staff and Presenters. In which, the Technical Staff shall participate in both days while the Presenters only need to participate on the second day.

On the first training day, technical staff members were introduced to the e-learning studio, practiced using the software, video recorder and microphone. After the initial introduction, they already began producing their own e-learning materials. 

“I learned about these equipment and tools already but have not yet applied them to the production of a video lesson. The training session today is a steppingstone for the Technical Staff to prepare better for the filming day with the Presenters.” – Mr. Nguyen Tuan Vu, Teacher of the Faculty of Electrics-Electronics shared.

The second training day for Presenters and Technical staff concentrated on resource development to create e-lessons. Teachers were shown the process of producing teaching and learning materials, how to draft a lesson script utilizing graphic resources and coached on how to feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. “As for the Presenters, they have had a lot of experience in developing lessons and transmitting knowledge in real classroom environment. Therefore, after being trained in using e-learning equipment, the Technical Staff will support the Presenters better in communicating and interacting with the camera to produce the most natural and vivid videos.” – Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Director of the Center for Informatics and Foreign Languages, VCMI stated.

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