Further training course within the field of activity 3 “Vocational Training for the Wastewater Sector”

Ho Chi Minh City, 25th January 2016

From 22nd to 24th January 2016, the 8th further training course within the field of activity 3 “Vocational Training for the Wastewater Sector”of the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam were conducted at Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology (HVCT). Participants were teachers and in-company trainers from HVCT and from sewerage companies.

The purpose of 3 day course was to strengthen knowledge of biological wastewater treatment. The lecturer introduced additionally Vietnamese quality standards for wastewater and actual state of wastewater treatment in Vietnam.

The participants reviewed learnt knowledge of the training course in 11/2015, especially focused on organic treatment in combine with Nitrogen and Phosphor, and calculating Nitrogen and Phosphorus removal process. After each content lectured, participants practiced exercises to apply gained knowledge. These exercises were designed based on German vocation training books. The lecturer also gave more time to explain solution of exercises and answer questions of participants.

At the end of course, the participants took an 60 minute test to evaluate their gained knowledge. After testing, the lecturer gave participants answers of test for cross correcting test papers by themselves, which helped them to know their understanding to learnt contents. The result of test will be the basis for designing the next training course.


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