Further Technical Training for TVET Trainers: CNC Milling

Vinh Phuc, 23rd August 2013

In the series of planned capacity building measures for teachers/instructors of TVET partner institutes of the Vietnamese – German “Programme Vocational Training 2008”, the General Department of Vocational Training (GDVT) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) organized the training course on CNC Milling.

This advanced-level training course was designed for teachers/trainers who successfully completed previous training steps. As a result, it was designed to offer a lot of opportunities for practice and project work directly on CNC machines of various types and with different software. After three weeks, nine teachers/trainers have gained specific technical know-how about CNC milling technics with support of a German expert, Mr. Andreas Fischer.

The training course has been acknowledged a particularly useful one – a participant trainer feedback. “It is very interesting to get to practice with 4 CNC milling machines from difference brands and controls but using common programming language. And it is also an opportunity to get to know various types of CNC milling machine and how to operate them” – he said.

Participating in this training course were also two multipliers from Viet-Duc Vocational College who had been trained from the previously accomplished Vietnamese-German project “Promotion of TVET, Viet Nam” who provided support and shared their own experiences to participant trainers. As a result of this, on one hand “new” trainers were able to learn from national colleagues, and on the other hand, the multipliers were able to strengthen their capacity, technically and pedagogically. This particular approach by the Vietnamese-German cooperation in TVET has been highly appreciated. It brings into the training methodology, international standards, knowledge about modern technology and new pratical orientated trainings. This helps the TVET partner instittutes sustain project investment in the long run.


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