Fact finding mission on enterprises survey and Workshop on the development of a enterprises survey concept

Vietnamese – German “Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam”

Within the “Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam”, focal activities of monitoring & evaluation and continuous improvement of training quality are Tracer Studies and Enterprise Surveys. The feedback of TVET graduates about their workplaces and relevance of previous training (tracer studies) is supplemented with feedback of employers about the graduate’s competencies in terms of their occupational knowledge, skills and attitudes according the needs on a workplace (enterprise survey). Since 2009 tracer studies are in implementation successfully at the TVET partner institutes of Vietnamese-German cooperation and beyond that scope. Besides the regular graduate’s tracer studies enterprise surveys are in preparation. The information gained in enterprise surveys are an essential external feedback to the schools’ management for improving the TVET training quality according to the needs of the labor market. In addition, the survey will find out more about already existing cooperation between TVET institutes and enterprises and especially further potentials.

A fact finding mission on enterprise surveys took place from the 12th of March to the 15th of March 2012. In order to develop a sustainable, congruent and implementable enterprise survey concept for Vietnamese TVET institutes the mission aimed to analyze informations about existing enterprises surveys conducted by many different stakeholders in Viet Nam. During the mission, a GIZ national and international expert’s working team discussed about already implemented concepts and lessons learnt with the Employment Department/ MoLISA, Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs/ MoLISA, Institute for Vocational Training/ GDVT, Bac Ninh DoLISA, Dong Nai DoLISA, enterprises in Bac Ninh and in Dong Nai as well as the management of Bac Ninh Technical and Economical College and LILAMA 2 Vocational College. Following the mission, in a half day workshop (16/03/2012) participants from MoLISA, GDVT, VCCI, MoET, TVET institutes and GIZ shared ideas towards enterprise surveys within the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.

Based on German and Vietnamese experiences participants supported the idea to develop a “two pillar concept” addressing the information needs on the policy and institutional level: The enterprise survey should include two components. One component should be a nationwide and representative survey matched with the existing enterprise panel carried out by the National Centre for Labour Market Forecast and Information/ the Employment Department/ MoLISA and focused on information needs on the policy level. The second component should be oriented on the information needs of the TVET institutions: They should be more detailed to be able to analyze fulfillment or lack of competencies of the graduates from the supported TVET Institutions in comparison with the requirements of working place. The main function of the surveys of the second component should be the improvement of the quality of training in the TVET Institutes. That’s why they could be regarded as a quality management instrument of the supported TVET institutes.

The mission and the workshop have to be seen as an important step to implement successful and consistent enterprise surveys within Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”.


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