External evaluation mission at 5 TVET institutes for piloting the draft criteria of High Quality TVET Institutes and CoEs

“The procedure of developing and piloting the criteria, standards and indicators of High Quality TVET Institutes and ,CoEs, which has been jointly implemented by the Viet Nam Vocational Training Accreditation Agency (VVTAA)/GDVT, Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam (GIZ) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is very scientific and highly applicable” – Mr. Do Thanh Van, a national expert with more than 10 years of experiences in accreditation stated.

Following the self-evaluation based on the draft criteria five TVET institutes (LILAMA2 International Technology College; Vietnam – Korea Vocational College of Technology; Vietnam – Korea Vocational College in Nghe An; the College of Technology II; Vocational College of Mechanics and Irrigation) in December 2016 , 15 independent auditors, who were trained on how to carry out external evaluation based on this draft criteria in January 2017,conducted the external evaluation mission at the five TVET institutes from February 21st to March 3rd, 2017. This external evaluation mission aimed to (i) cross check the results of the self-evaluation conducted by the TVET institutes and collect additional evidences; (ii) assess the feasibility of each criteria, standard and indicator in the field. Each external evaluation team (incl. thee members) spent thee days working at a TVET institute. They studied files of evidence provided by the TVET institutes and visited and evaluated infrastructure, class rooms, training workshops with equipment and conditions for ensuring the quality and efficiency of the training at the TVET institutes. In addition, the team conducted interviews with TVET institutes’ management, teachers/instructors, students and graduates as well as partner enterprises. After this mission, each external evaluation team will send a report on the results of the external evaluation and a comment report for finalisation of the draft criteria to VVTAA/GDVT and GIZ. Based on the results of the pilot phase, the criteria, standards and indicators of High Quality TVET Institutes and CoEs will be finalized and submitted to Vietnamese competent authorities for approval and promulgation.

The external evaluation team visited and assessed the 3-layer workshop (one of the indicators of High Quality TVET institutes and CoEs) at the LILAMA2 International Technology College. The 3-layer-workshop approach is designed to fill the gap between general skills training and practical application to ensure the employment-relevance of TVET. The workshop level 1 aims to provide generic skills fundamental for a wider occupational area. The workshop level 2 aims to provide specific practical and trade-relevant skills. The workshop level 3 aims to provide performance skills of complex tasks in a real or simulated work environment.



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