Digital Transformation Day at Ninh Thuan Vocational College (NTVC)

In order to promote digital culture, recognise achievements and changes in the process of digital transformation implementation in 2023, NTVC coordinated with the Program of Reform TVET in Vietnam – GIZ to organise “Digital Transformation Day at NTVC” on October 28, 2023.

This is also a forum for staff and teachers to present, discuss, share experiences and contribute opinions on the results of implementing digital transformation activities of NTVC in 2023 as well as digital transformation plan implemented in the upcoming time.

The Digital Transformation Day attracted about 50 participants, including Rector board members, leaders of divisions and faculties, staff, teachers of NTVC and reporters from Ninh Thuan Radio and Television Station.

At the event, Mr. Tran Trung Dung – Vice Rector presented the results of implementing digital transformation activities at NTVC supported by GIZ in 2023, such as: organising workshops to exchange and evaluate the Information Technology infrastructure for digital transformation, share experiences in teaching and learning management, apply digital platforms, conducting training courses to improve digital literacy for staff and teachers… These activities have contributed positive impacts on digital transformation awareness in the college, motivated staff and teachers to strengthen and enhance current capabilities and improve existing digital conditions.

The most positive changes that can be mentioned are: Teachers’ skills in creating digital lessons on LMS have improved significantly (well-organized module structure, well-defined expected learning outcomes, highly interactive videos reaching level 4 according to digital modules/lesson preparation standards…); Some teachers have good skills and are considered outstanding factors capable of replicating capacity building activities for the entire college in the upcoming time; The management staff could identify important activities that need to be implemented promptly including the consideration and promulgation of regulations and policies to promptly encourage and motivate as well as sanction to ensure all teaching and management activities will be well implemented during the digital transformation journey of the college.

Participating in “Digital Transformation Day”, a number of staff and teachers from the Division of Testing and Quality Assurance, faculties of Automotive Technology Engineering, General – Economics, Electricity – Electronics had presentations on (1) Applying digital lectures (on the LMS) in practical and blended modules at Automotive Technology Engineering faculty; (2) The effectiveness of applying digital lectures (on LMS) in teaching Politics (theoretical lessons); (3) Applying interactive videos and simulations in teaching at Automotive Technology Engineering faculty; (4) Applying Claude AI in teaching, learning and doing scientific research for teachers and students; (5) Plan to apply digital lectures on LMS at Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculty; (6) Orientation for digital applications in Testing and Quality Assurance. The above presentations attracted a lot of attention from participants because they were suitable with the actual situation, the current conditions and the needs of teachers at the present time.

Mr. Tran Trung Dung commented, “I am happy and highly appreciate the progress of teachers in term of digital lectures creation because the content and the structure of the lectures, the features applied are so good, beyond my expectations. It can be seen that the creation of digital lectures on LMS for theoretical, blended, practical and simulation modules…with suitable expected learning outcomes and the skills of proficiently applying Moodle’s advanced features and other new software will help improve the quality of lectures, attract concentration, increase interaction between teachers and learners, and meet the increasing needs of learners.”

However, besides the results achieved, participants had some comments related to limitations that need to be overcome soon; and sent some suggestions and recommendations to the Rector board aiming at boosting the implementation of digital transformation activities more effectively in the upcoming time, specifically (i) Information Technology Infrastructure (applying digital management platforms effectively, investing in equipment to support teachers in creating digital lectures, setting up more computers for the needs of teachers and students, upgrading internet connection…); (ii) General management, teaching and learning management of the college such as: synchronously implementing digital transformation activities in the entire college; Investing/ Adjusting/Updating additional features to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning management digital platforms; Effectively applying current management platform such as TDOffice – SmartEOS (digital signature, document storage…); Regularly organizing on-site training courses to strengthen and improve digital competencies for teachers; promptly promulgating regulations and policies to create more motivation among faculties, enhance the role models of faculty and department leaders in creating digital lectures as well as guide other teachers to pick up appropriate modules to prepare digital lectures for better quality; regularly updating the website…

Based on the results achieved, for better implementation of digital transformation activities in 2024 and in the upcoming time, NTVC will focus on:

– Information Technology Infrastructure: NTVC will (i) invest in management platforms of enrollment, students and teachers, teaching and learning, tuition fees (online payment, electronic invoice), assets, working capacity, timetable, examination schedule, teaching time, reports (according to actual teaching time); (ii) Set up and apply teachers’ e-profiles; set up the studio room for better accessibility; (iii) Invest in laptops/PCs and keep them at the library to meet the needs of students and teachers.

– Management: NTVC will (i) apply effectively platforms of TDOffice – SmartEOS; (ii) promulgate procedures for handling assigned work through the SmartEOS platform; (iii) Promulgate institutions and regulations related to digital transformation.

– Teaching – Learning Management: NTVC will (i) manage teachers’ e-profiles on the management system; organise college-level competitions on digital lecture creation on LMS; (ii) order digital lectures (level 4: with interactive videos) from teachers; (iii) promulgate regulations and sanctions related to applying digital lectures; (iv) promote the self-paced learning on digital transformation on Atingi platform built by GIZ and the certificates of such courses are the basis for being considered for the rewards at the end of the year.

“Digital Transformation Day at NTVC” is considered an event marking successful development of digital transformation activities supported by GIZ and coordinated with NTVC in 2023. This is also an opportunity for GIZ and NTVC to review, evaluate and find better solutions to promote their digital transformation journey, then prepare the foundation for further digital transformation operational plan for 2024 and the upcoming time.

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